Hospital Services


Accounting Sandy York 
Clinical Services  Linda White 
  • Autologous & Directed Orders
  • Transfusion Reaction
  • Transfusion 
Compliance  Beth Hughes
Distribution  Nick Brown
Donor & Patient Services  Linda White 
Donor Testing Lab  Bill Fullerton 
HLA/DNA Lab  Artis Kingston 
  • Relationship Testing 
Hospital Services  Ann Tullis
Physician Consultant  Dr. Dan Waxman, M.D. 
Production & Components  Karen Smith
Reference Lab  Carol Kelly 

Advancing Healthcare

Research efforts in our labs and with our partners drive clinical innovation that translates to improved patient care.

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Recent Donor Story


Receiving the transfusion didn't necessarily save my life, but it did allow me to recover much more quickly and to be the mom I want to be.