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Quality Assurance 

Indiana Blood Center's dedication to quality is evidenced by its development of a comprehensive Compliance and Quality Assurance program. The mission of this program is to ensure that Indiana Blood Center achieves and maintains compliance with all applicable regulations, requirements and standards. The Compliance and Quality Assurance program strives to provide safe, effective blood and blood components by assuring the quality of operations and services.

Quality is incorporated into the center's manufacturing operations. The Compliance and Quality Assurance program includes assurances of well-trained staff; state of the art, validated instrumentation; complete, comprehensive and clear Standard Operating Procedures; and an ongoing audit program. Compliance and quality is a primary focus at Indiana Blood Center. The Compliance and Quality Assurance program initiatives are supported with demonstrated commitment from the CEO and the entire staff.

Keys to the success of Indiana Blood Center Compliance and Quality Assurance program include a defined, comprehensive Quality Assurance plan, adequately trained personnel, clear and accurate Standard Operations Procedure and thorough audits. Also, essential are evaluation and communication. The Quality Assurance elements are monitored and evaluated regularly with a focus on analysis of cause, process improvement, correction and most importantly, prevention and errors.


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