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No, we collect buccal cells. These cells are collected with a cotton swab from the inside of your cheek.
No, DNA testing with cheek cells gets the same, accurate results as testing with blood samples. The DNA is the same, whether it is extracted from cheek, blood or other cell.
There is no minimum age for the child. Cheek cells may be collected safely from an infant.
No the mother is not required to establish the relationship of a father to a child. However if the child is a minor, the father must be a legal custodian of the child. The father will be required to bring a birth certificate listing him as father or court documents indicating he is father.
Indiana Blood Center has 5 collection sites in Indiana and additional contract sites throughout the United States. We also coordinate collections in foreign country embassies for immigration requests.
Results are mailed on the 5th business day after all specimens are collected.
No, you may call and schedule the testing without a third party request.
No, this test is not for treatment of health issues.
Yes, all relationship testing results issued by Indiana Blood Center can be used in court. Indiana Blood Center is AABB Relationship Testing accredited. All specimens are collected by an uninterested party. All specimens are collected with chain of custody procedures. Results are notarized affidavits.
No, because all Indiana Blood Center results are legal affidavits it is required the DNA is collected by uninterested parties. Therefore, you must schedule an appointment for collection at one of our approved sites.


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