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Indiana Blood Center provides educational opportunities in a variety of fields, including laboratory management, transfusion medicine, immunohematology, hemostasis and blood banking. Our affiliation with Versiti allows us to offer online education via the beLearning education portal.

Two current educational opportunities are listed below.

Wet Workshop - The purpose of this one-day workshop is to provide participants with a systematic approach to evaluating routine ABO typing mismatches and resolving discrepancies. Included will be a discussion of atypical situations in which problems might be encountered, as well as appropriate practices for ABO problem resolution. The workshop is intended for the medical technologist/laboratory scientist who possesses a basic understanding of blood banking techniques. Click here for more information.

Specialist in Blood Banking program - The online Specialist in Blood Banking program is inactive at this time.  Indiana Blood Center is pleased to offer an alternative program with their VersitiTM partner, BloodCenter of Wisconsin. This SBB program provides a blended curriculum with lectures provided online (remotely) and clinical experience in one or more of the Versiti member blood centers (BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Heartland Blood Centers, Indiana Blood Center and Michigan Blood). 

For more information, see BloodCenter of Wisconsin's SBB Program.


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Maintain your continuing education goal with Blood Bank Crash Courses or apply to the Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB) program.

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Be in the know. Attend a Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) or Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting.

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