Lab Services

Donor Testing Lab 

Indiana Blood Center's laboratory services department provides timely, cost-effective and quality services to local and regional customers through the provision of laboratory testing and blood products, with an emphasis on meeting the specific individualized needs of each client. This is accomplished through utilizing the latest technology, expertise in blood banking, educational leadership, and management of product inventory and mix.

The donor testing laboratory specializes in the testing profiles performed for donor suitability of blood, tissues, cord blood and hematopoietic stem cells. Tests for non-blood donation purposes are dependent upon specific regulatory and facility requirements. Every unit of blood donated through Indiana Blood Center undergoes a certain amount of tests to ensure a safe and adequate blood supply throughout Indiana. In addition to routine donor testing, the laboratory offers a variety of patient tests to hospitals, organ procurement agencies and local laboratories. It includes the NAT Laboratory which tests donor samples for viral RNA using trans-mediated amplification methods for blood centers, collection sites for tissues, organs, and hematopoeitic cells, hospital collections centers, and cord banks across the United States.


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