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Indiana Blood Center is licensed by the FDA to perform routine donor screening or patient testing using FDA-cleared reagent kits and medical devices where applicable. All test results are generated and interpreted in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions or alternate procedures that have been approved by the FDA and outlined in CFR 640.120. Cadaveric samples are tested with assays licensed for those samples. The following tests may be requested for either donor or patient samples. 

ABO/Rh Testing

Beckman Coulter Blood Grouping Reagents_056EN04:September 2014

Anti-CMV Testing

Beckman Coulter PK CMV-PA System_Catalog Number PA2300, November 2009

Atypical Red Cell Antibody

Immucor Solid Phase Microplate System by pooled cell method_Revised 02/13

Abbott Serologies

PRISM Chagas_Revised June 2014
PRISM HB Core_Revised June 2014
PRISM HCV_Revised June 2014
PRISM HIV O Plus_Revised June 2014
PRISM HTLV_Revised June 2014
PRISM HBsAg_Revised June 2014

Grifols NAT

Procleix Ultrio Plus Assay_3/2017 Rev. 003
Procleix Ultrio Plus HIV-1, HCV, and HBV Discriminatory Probe Reagents_Rev. 003
Procleix WNV Assay_Rev. 004

Ortho Serologies

Avioq HTLV I and II EIA Rev4_Version June 2017 2015
BioRad GS HBsAg EIA 3.0_Version Jan 2016
Chagas Ortho T-Cruzi Antigen_Version March 2016
Hepatitis B Core Antigen_Version January 2017
Hepatitis C Virus Encoded Antigen (HCV) Ortho Version 3.0 ELISA Test_Version Mar 2016
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Types 1 and 2_Version January 2016

Roche NAT

COBAS Taqscreen MPX Test 2.0_11/2015, Doc Rev. 2.0
COBAS Taqscreen WNV Test_05/2015, Doc Rev. 12.0
COBAS 8800 Zika (IVD) Test_10/2017, Doc Rev. 1.0

Supplemental Testing

ASI RPR Card Test for Syphilis_06/17
Phoenix Biotech Trep Sure for Syphilis_Rev M
PRISM HBsAg Confirmatory_Revised June 2014


Beckman Coulter PK TP System_Catalog Number PH3000, February 2012


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