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Meet our SBB Participants 

The Indiana Blood Center Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB) program began in 2005 with one participant and is continually growing and expanding the offerings for local and national participants. Participants from all parts of the United States are able to successfully train because of the online aspect of the program. They are only required to come to Indianapolis for one week at the beginning of the program for orientation. The remainder of the program may be completed at the participant's blood banking/transfusion service community.

The SBB Participants

Program Year 2015-2016

Joe Brown – Indiana
Chris Gale – New York
Jeanett Daniels – Indiana
Wendy Disbro – Indiana
Megan Kindle – Kansas
Cora Hartill – Washington
Elizabeth Means – Washington
Kristen Whitten – Washington

Program Year 2014-2015

Afton Tarasewicz – Wisconsin
Aubre Liles – Washington
Daniel Alvarado – New York
Michelle Murphy – Michigan
Suhur Yusuf – Michigan/Canada
Angela Novotny – Minnesota
Jessica Gerdsmeier – New York

Program Year 2013-2014

Christy Everett - Illinois
Beatrice Neradova-Lebeuf - Texas
Brenda Beard - Kansas
Kacie Puderbaugh - Ohio
Kim Russell - Michigan
Kim McKenzie - Maryland
Carrie Wimsatt - Kentucky

Program Year 2012-2013

Jonathan Fuchs - New York
Nina Sen - Washington

Tracie Ingle - Indiana
Darcy Hill - Indiana
Natalie Case - Virginia

Lori Lake - Nebraska
Lindsey Whittington - North Carolina
Margo Schneringer - California

Program Year 2011-2012

Francia Abel – California
Julie Lee – Colorado
Michelle BonDurant – Indiana
Samantha Robie-Klindt – Massachusetts
Jamie Colvin – Kentucky

Program Year 2010-2011

Sue Ford - Ohio
Mindy Maga - Michigan
Meredith Eller -  North Carolina
Lynn Gard - Indiana
Margaret Windett-Sims - North Carolina
Mojgan Seyedein - California

Program Year 2009-2010

Marlene Rodriguez - New York
Theresa Pringle - Tennessee
Danile Gebrekdan - Minnesota
Leanne Beasley - Washington
Shawnda Devers - Indiana
Beatriz Avila - Florida

Program Year 2008-2009

Jennifer Rolfingsmeier - Kentucky
Jodi Iarossi - North Carolina
Resty Miranda - Alaska

Program Year 2007-2008

Angie Raue - Iowa
Saida Fahimy - New York
Heather Vaught - Indiana

Program Year 2006-2007

Jamie Lauf - Ohio
Tara Walters - Indiana
Angie Redd - Indiana

Initial Program Year 2005-2006

Margaret Leggett - Indiana

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