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About the SBB Program 

Indiana Blood Center's Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB) program lasts 12 months and consists of three distinct aspects: an online component, a clinical rotation component and a professional development component. To successfully complete the program, you must:

Pass All Exams and Quizzes

You must successfully pass all online exams and quizzes with an average score of 75 percent or better and a final practical exam with a minimum score of 90 percent. Lectures are accessible online, but you will have the opportunity to attend additional on-site lectures that will be offered by the Indiana Blood Center staff. You can also access all exams online and are evaluated by scheduled exams, a midterm exam and a final exam. Have you taken an online class before? Click here to learn more about distance education and to determine if online courses are right for you. 

Pass Rate

Per CAAHEP Standards, the following information is available concerning the IBC SBB Program

Complete All Rotations

You must successfully complete all clinical, technical and administrative rotations. Clinical, technical and administrative experience is acquired at clinical facilities or at Indiana Blood Center. You are required to be sponsored by a mentor in the field of lab medicine, transfusion medicine or pathology. The mentor is to monitor your progress during the program. Rotation checklists are provided and you are required to find a suitable clinical affiliate to complete the rotation. This encourages you to develop professional associations in the area in which you live and broadens your learning base.

Complete All Laboratory and Professional Development Tasks

A critical skill in an SBB Program is the development of serologic troubleshooting. For this reason, Indiana Blood Center requires simple and complex serologic testing to be completed by the student. This requirement is generally completed in the lab where the student is currently employed, but may also be completed as part of rotations at Immunohematology Reference Laboratories in the student’s area and/or at Indiana Blood Center. If resources for complex testing are not available to the student, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule additional time at Indiana Blood Center to meet this requirement or find a resource/facility in the student’s area to aid in completing this requirement. The student is required to complete laboratory homework assignments provided by the education coordinator. In addition, the student is challenged with both a midterm and final proficiency sample. 

The program includes professional development requirement with participation in journal clubs, case conference presentations, teaching requirements and literature reviews. During training at Indiana Blood Center, one must complete an evidence-based paper in the field of immunohematology. Evidence-based papers are submitted to the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) as abstracts and for the AABB SBB scholarship program. 

When all aspects are successfully completed, you will receive a certification of completion and are eligible to take the SBB examination given by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). No academic credit is granted for this program, nor is a degree awarded.

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