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Indiana Blood Center does more than supply over 60 hospitals statewide with blood components - it has been a key partner in life sciences in Indiana since the 1950s. From research to testing and cellular therapy to a fellowship program, Indiana Blood Center continues to make strides towards advancing healthcare.

Blood Testing

Reliable results delivered to fit specific requirements, Indiana Blood Center focuses not just on the order, but on the lab customers' needs. Learn more about the array of testing services, from blood donor testing for other blood centers to transplant testing for hospitals.

Cellular Therapy

Indiana Blood Center supports other initiatives while maintaining the vision of being regarded as a vital link to Indiana's healthcare infrastructure. Cellular therapy is one of Indiana Blood Center's newest programs. Provenge is the the newest process Indiana Blood Center has implemented.

If you are a Provenge patient coming to Indiana Blood Center for treatments, click here to learn more about your visit. 


Indiana Blood Center in collaboration with the Pathology Department of the Indiana School Of Medicine sponsors a Transfusion Medicine Fellowship Program. This program allows a selected physician to gain experience with cutting-edge processes involving complex aspects of blood banking, cell therapy and apheresis, a process that separates blood into different components for a growing number of purposes.         


Because blood donated from volunteer donors has a limited shelf life, units become expired and can no longer be transfused into patients. Fortunately, when a unit does expire, the component from a healthy donor base may be sent to labs and pharmaceutical manufacturers for research.

Indiana Blood Center provides healthy white blood cells, a by-product of whole blood donation, as a control base for cancer research by Eli Lilly. Expired red cells are sent to Pfizer. Expired platelets, which only have a shelf life of five days, are sent to Creative Laboratory Systems. All expired components are used for research purposes.


Be in the know. Attend a Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) or Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting.

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