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Facts Behind Indiana's Largest Independent Blood Provider

  • Indiana Blood Center is the largest independent blood provider in Indiana and among the top 20 nationally.
  • Self-funded, not-for-profit blood provider, ensuring a stable blood supply for patients at more than 60 hospitals throughout Indiana.
  • Indiana Blood Center recruits volunteer donors in the communities where it supplies blood components to the local hospital.
  • The not-for-profit’s mission states that components collected will go first to hospitals in Indiana, then wherever the components are needed.
  • Each unit of blood donated at Indiana Blood Center is processed in its central lab, separated into different components, ran through 12 tests, labeled, and then stored before sent to one of 60+ hospitals.
  • This entire process takes about a day, making what is collected today available in inventory tomorrow afternoon, immediately impacting hospital patients.
  • Indiana Blood Center is licensed and regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Blood components are categorized as a biological pharmaceutical.
  • Physicians administer a blood transfusion by a prescription as they would for any manufactured drug therapy.

Rev. 1/2/2014

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