Facts Behind One of Indiana’s Original Life Science Organizations

Established in 1952, Indiana Blood Center is one of Indiana’s original life science organizations. We specialize in collecting, processing, testing, labeling, storing, and distributing blood components. Our mission is to provide a continuous, safe, and adequate supply of blood products and biological services first to the people of our own communities and then wherever they are needed. Learn more facts about blood.


  • On average, 550 blood donations are needed each day by hospital patients.
  • Indiana Blood Center’s supply of blood is about 2.5 days.
  • Only about 30% of the population can donate—so if you can you should.
  • Some people have special blood types that can be transfused into anyone regardless of type.
  • Read more about donating blood.
  • WHAT

  • Type O blood is the universal blood type. Any recipient can receive O negative blood. People with O negative blood are called universal donors.
  • The blood on the shelves TODAY can save a life tomorrow. Maybe even donor eligibility.
  • Each year, over 100,000 people donate blood. More than 2,000 organizations host blood drives. About 30 percent of all blood drive host organizations are schools or universities.
  • HOW

  • Want to learn more about the blood donation process? Are you ready to donate? Learn how to prepare.
  • WHEN

  • People can donate whole blood every 56 days. Some special donors can give platelets every 7 days.

  • At your school, church, community center, or service club. Learn how to host a blood drive.
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  • Commit to More Tomorrows

    Join an extraordinary community that is committed to helping neighbors- and total strangers- by donating your blood.

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    Your Gift. Our Mission

    Every drop of every pint you share will go where it should. To help your neighbors. To enhance your community’s health. To save lives.

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