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Facts Behind One Of Indiana’s Original Life-Science Organizations

  • Established in 1952, Indiana Blood Center was one of the original life science organizations in Indiana—recruiting, collecting, processing, testing, labeling, storing, and distributing blood components.
  • Indiana Blood Center has a responsibility to the community to be a steward of the state’s blood supply.
  • Indiana Blood Center is the voice and lead practitioner in transfusion medicine in Indiana, led by its two board-certified pathologists.
  • Each unit of blood donated to Indiana Blood Center goes through 12 tests, ensuring a safe and adequate blood supply.
  • Donor centers in Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio rely on Indiana Blood Center to screen all of their donor samples, as well as other life science companies, such as cord blood entities.
  • Indiana Blood Center provides outdated and non-transfused components to researchers, fueling medical innovation in cellular therapies and serving as a vital link in the state’s life sciences economy.
  • All blood collected through Indiana Blood Center is intended to be transfused.
  • Indiana Blood Center provides outdated blood to researchers, fueling medical innovation.
  • After five days, platelets can no longer be transfused. After 42 days, red blood cells can no longer be transfused.
  • Indiana Blood Center makes use of every unit donated.
  • Of Indiana Blood Center’s 375 employees, all technical staff undergoes extensive training to ensure the highest standards for its donors and recipients.

Rev. 1/2/2014

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