World Blood Donor Day 

World Blood Donor Day is on Friday, June 14.
As the world celebrates all those who give blood, its Indiana Blood Center turn to THANK YOU.
As an Indiana Blood Center donor, you are making a difference by touching countless lives of patients at over 60 hospitals.

Indiana Blood Center is using this day as a way to show gratitude towards its generous and dedicated donors. One of the ways Indiana Blood Center will celebrate World Blood Donor Day is by sharing blood donor and recipient stories, exemplifying the direct impact donors have on local hospital patients. Indiana Blood Center will be sharing these stories on Facebook. If you have a story you are wanting to share, you can do so here.   

Indiana Blood Center is also encouraging its donors, recipients, partners, champions and employees to change their Facebook and/or Twitter profile picture and/or Facebook cover photo to one with an Indiana Blood Center mark, see below. If you would like to change your profile picture, please click on the appropriate one below, save, and upload to Facebook and/or Twitter.




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Join an extraordinary community that is committed to helping neighbors- and total strangers- by donating your blood.

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Your Gift. Our Mission

Every drop of every pint you share will go where it should. To help your neighbors. To enhance your community’s health. To save lives.

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