Donor Initiatives 

Thanks to the generosity of more than 100,000 donors each year, Indiana Blood Center provides blood components to more than 60 hospitals throughout the state of Indiana each year. With blood donors being volunteers, recruiting donors sometimes takes effort on Indiana Blood Center's behalf.

Sponsors and partners across the state have joined Indiana Blood Center in a variety of ways to help encourage blood donations. It often times takes more than Walmart gift cards to keep blood on the shelves. Indiana Blood Center joins forces with its partners and sponsors, hosting blood drives to sustain its supply throughout the summer months and holiday seasons.

See some of Indiana Blood Center's donor initiatives highlighted on the pages to the right.

Commit to More Tomorrows

Join an extraordinary community that is committed to helping neighbors- and total strangers- by donating your blood.

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Your Gift. Our Mission

Every drop of every pint you share will go where it should. To help your neighbors. To enhance your community’s health. To save lives.

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