Hosting a Blood Drive 

Sponsoring a blood drive is as simple as it is powerful. By encouraging those close to your organization to donate, you become part of the network of thousands of Hoosiers who help save lives. Blood drives also increase morale and build a sense of community within your organization. Hosts and donors can be proud. Whether your organization is large or small, you can make a difference.

In order to host a blood drive you need two things:

Host - An organization that can provide appropriate physical space. Hosts have no financial commitment. Indiana Blood Center simply asks that a host be dedicated to the cause of volunteer blood donation. 

Coordinator - A person from the organization who will work with an Indiana Blood Center representative in order to educate, motivate, and recruit donors.

Once you have both a host and a coordinator, Indiana Blood Center will put you in contact with a field representative to help complete a successful blood drive. Below are the tasks of both the host and the Indiana Blood Center representative.


  • Offers a suitable location
  • Helps recruit donors within the organization
  • Publicizes the blood drive
  • Schedules donors for their appointments
  • Provides tables and chairs

Indiana Blood Center Representative:

  • Works with the sponsor every step of the way to plan and organize the blood drive
  • Helps the sponsor determine how many donors to expect
  • Guides them through the recruiting process by providing marketing materials
  • Brings equipment and supplies, sets everything up and breaks everything down at the end
  • Confidentially screens donors and collects the donations, safely and professionally

To find an Indiana Blood Center representative in your area, click here to search by zip code.

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