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Coordinator First-Time Login Instruction Guide

Coordinator Guide

Helpful Handouts

Donor Requirements

Keys to a Successful Blood Drive

Zika Information (for donations made on or after November 14)

Parental/Guardian Consent Form (A donor must be at least 17 years old to donate, but a 16-year-old can donate with a parental consent form)

Prepare Your Organization to Raise Its Sleeve

Promotion Ideas & Best Practices

Posters & Flyers

Blood Bag

Blood Bag Blood Drive Flyer (8.5x11)

Blood Bag Blood Drive Flyer (8.5x14)

Blood Bag Blood Drive Flyer (11x17)

Blood Drive Flyer (8.5x11)

Blood Drive Flyer (8.5x14)

Blood Drive Flyer (11x17)

Directional Signage

In Honor Of Flyer

In Memory Of Flyer


Aubrey's Story - full length, :30 join drive today, :30 give today

Story About a Drop of Blood

The Volpe's Raise Their Sleeves

The Britts Give Back

In Honor of My Late Wife

Michaela Deputy's Story

Evan Meade's Story

Social Media

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